Piano Keys


Recent Projects


Alma y Paz  (2021)

Directed by Cris Gris

One in the Chamber  (2021)

Directed by Evan O'Neal

An intimate drama about a young girl grappling with a recent tragedy.

An action-packed western about revenge, loss, and the futility of violence.

Feature Films


Phil for Short  (1919/2022)

A silent film restoration by the Library of Congress (funded by the Jon Vickers Film Scoring Award)

To be premiered with live orchestra in February 2022 and subsequently published on Blu-Ray by Kino Lorber.

Work Samples


Atmospheric Scoring Sample

Advertisement Scoring Sample

Misc. Samples (please contact me to see associated film clips)

WarDaniel Whitworth
00:00 / 01:52
PlayfulDaniel Whitworth
00:00 / 01:07
SerenityDaniel Whitworth
00:00 / 01:21

Video Games

Hamster Blitz Logo Long.png

"Adventure" Game Samples


An upcoming puzzle game

Music for

reworld logo.png

Reworld is an upcoming game engine-platform that enables young minds to "build games, have fun, and hang out with friends." I was hired as their sound designer to compose music and create sound effects for a number of launch titles.

Beach Sports - Minigame ThemeDaniel Whitworth
00:00 / 02:49
Slime Tamari - Main ThemeDaniel Whitworth
00:00 / 01:40
Strawberry Outlets - Coffee TimeDaniel Whitworth
00:00 / 02:10
Strawberry Outlets - Minigame ThemeDaniel Whitworth
00:00 / 02:07
Strawberry Outlets - Mall ThemeDaniel Whitworth
00:00 / 00:57
Rock Paper Switchers - Fight!Daniel Whitworth
00:00 / 01:54