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Ripples in Infinity (2017)
for flute, Bb clarinet, violin, cello, piano, and percussion

Winner of the 2019 Lake George Music Festival Composition Competition

Winner of the 2019 What Is Noise Call for Scores

First prize winner of the 2018 Frost International Composition Competition

First prize winner of the 2018 Wisconsin Alliance for Composers Composition Competition 

Ripples in Infinity is inspired by the paintings of Lee Krasner, who was an innovative and influential abstract-expressionist painter. She was a brilliant artist, but her career was often compromised by her role as ‘supportive wife’ to Jackson Pollock, as well as by the male-dominated art world. During her lifetime, Krasner found herself being ignored and devalued despite her invaluable contributions to the abstract-expressionist movement. This piece is a celebration of Krasner and depicts one of her most iconic paintings, Shattered Color. This painting is striking to me because of its seemingly infinite layers – on the surface it’s vibrant and colorful, but underneath, there are glimpses of something dark and stormy with an almost unyielding intensity. Contrastingly, the vivid pinks and yellows dancing across the foreground have a whimsical, playful character to them. Ripples in Infinity portrays the splattering of paint onto the canvas and the multitude of different characters that weave in and out of the painting’s ostensibly endless texture. It also tells the story of a woman, who like so many others, had to struggle to build the timeless legacy that she deserved.

Shattered Color

Lee Krasner

Shattered Color (1947)

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